Redeem Your Whole Creation

During these stressful times, when our country is being expected to intervene in strife around the world, I think prayers for God’s help, guidance, and redemption are most needed. I pray for peace in the hearts of all the people of God’s earth.

Scripture passages:  Psalm 33:20-22, Isaiah 54:10, John 14:27, Philippians 4:6,7

The title for this blog was taken from the lyrics of the hymn, “O God of Every Nation”. The stanzas of this hymn can offer a song of prayer that is very befitting for this time. This link will take you to the music and words:

Oh God of Every Nation” was written after two world wars, during the Cold War. This link will take you to a history of the hymn:

The article at the above link also offers insight on the words of each stanza. Here are some excerpts:

Stanza 1: “. . . The poet realized that peace might only be wrought ultimately among nations and not solely through the efforts of any one country . . .”

Stanza 2: “. . . boldly identifies some of the causes of strife: the “search for wealth and power,” the “scorn of truth and right.”. . .”pride of race and station.”. . .”

Stanza 3: “. . . a plea . . . that they “may find release . . . from rattling saber [and the] dread of war’s increase”, or, as we say today, escalating conflict. . .”

Stanza 4: “. . . pleads for a “bright . . . vision” of the cessation of “war . . ., hatred and division . . . where Christ will reign in “truth and justice.”. . .”


About Bonita B. Evans

Since I was young I have felt God's presence in my life. I have been singing Christian music since I was a small child. Reading and studying the Bible have become more and more important in my life. In 2008, songs started coming into my head when reading, driving and also sleeping, so I decided to write them down and share them. For Christmas 2008, I recorded a ten song CD for my family and friends. For Advent 2009, I shared the first version of "A Flame in My Heart" with my church, family and friends. In 2011, I created and shared in this blog "40 Songs for 40 Days" for Lent. For Advent 2011 and 2012 I posted revised versions of "A Flame in My Heart". For Lent 2013 I reposted "40 Songs for 40 Days". I am not sure why this has all happened but I consider it to be a gift from God.
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