40 Songs for 40 Days – Day 38

Day 38 of this Music Experience for Lent falls during Holy Week on Maundy Thursday, which commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.

FSFD038 Song Title: This Love That Comes From God – 1John 4:12-16, 19 (If you don’t have a Bible handy, you can read this passage at BibleGateway.com)

This love that comes from God. We could know it oh so well.

It’s in our lives right now. Embrace it heart and soul.

This love that comes from God. It tells us in the Word.

Confess that Jesus is God’s Son. Let Him become your Lord.

This love that comes from God. To us is freely given.

This love that comes from God. Offers a place in heaven.

This love that comes from God. Accept it with His grace.

Give glory, praise and honor for this love that comes from God.

Give glory, praise and honor for this love that comes from God.


About Bonita B. Evans

Since I was young I have felt God's presence in my life. I have been singing Christian music since I was a small child. Reading and studying the Bible have become more and more important in my life. In 2008, songs started coming into my head when reading, driving and also sleeping, so I decided to write them down and share them. For Christmas 2008, I recorded a ten song CD for my family and friends. For Advent 2009, I shared the first version of "A Flame in My Heart" with my church, family and friends. In 2011, I created and shared in this blog "40 Songs for 40 Days" for Lent. For Advent 2011 and 2012 I posted revised versions of "A Flame in My Heart". For Lent 2013 I reposted "40 Songs for 40 Days". I am not sure why this has all happened but I consider it to be a gift from God.
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1 Response to 40 Songs for 40 Days – Day 38

  1. Dorey says:

    Some people simply enjoy being with others. They make friends with strangers easily and always are surrounded by friends. Other people are shy or reserved. They have a few friends and are frequently uncomfortable talking with people they don’t know or mingling in crowds. Shy people don’t need to become extroverts in order to love others. John isn’t telling us how many people to love, but how much to love the people we already know. Our job is to love faithfully the people God has given us to love, whether there are two or two hundred of them. If God sees that we are ready to love others, he will bring them to us. No matter how shy we are, we don’t need to be afraid of the love commandment. God provides us the strength to do what he asks.

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